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WordPress Support Services

With WPBudd, You won’t need to worry about your WordPress website’s availability or security. Your WP Buddy provides support, updates, backup, guidance, development, and much more for a set monthly fee.

We can also assist you if you only need assistance with a specific task.


A reliable buddy who is always there for you

We can assist you with all of your WordPress related tasks.

Our knowledgeable devs have years of experience and won’t give up until your problem is resolved.


We offer automatic site backups so you are safeguarded in case of an accident. We will, of course, assist in the site's restoration should the incident occur.


We update WordPress and its plugins on your website. Your website will operate flawlessly and will be more secure from hacking threats.

Moving Website

We can help you at every stage of switching hosts for your website. Along with the website, we also help with issues like managing domain and DNS.

Hacked WordPress

If your website has been hacked, we are here for you. We help to clean your site after the hacking attack so that your site can quickly get online again.

Technical Support

Our experienced developers are ready to help you with all your questions or problems related to WordPress.


If you need updates or development of your website, we can also handle this. Smaller tasks of up to 60 minutes duration are included in some of our packages. If you need more than that, let's discuss it.


We can help you in developing a new feature or improvement of the existing one.

Dedicated Team

You don't need to waste time searching the internet for answers. WP Budd helps and fixes it for you.

Manage Your Expenses

With a WP Budd membership, you can manage your monthly website spending.

Spend your time on what you are good at, we do the same!

With a good friend like WP Budd, you can spend your time on your business and what you are good at. We’ll handle the technical aspects, we’re really good at it!

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What Sets Us Apart

24x7 Communication

We are always there to help you.

Emergency Help

We are available to support you.

Professional Staff

Our professional staff members are ready to assist you.

Perfection Anytime

We do not compromise on quality.

Our Team

Our team consist of developers, support and business development professionals.

Advance Technology

We use state of art technologies to support you.

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Would you like to know more about our professional services?

Feel free to contact us with your queries and questions.

Our professioanl support team can help you in:

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