What is managed WordPress hosting?

The idea of managed WordPress hosting is relatively new. While it functions like a standard hosting service, the provider handles all technical aspects of operating WordPress in this case.

It is equivalent to receiving expert premium assistance, high security, speed, updates, backups, and, crucially, 99.9% uptime. Everything that you might require has already been provided.

Thanks to WordPress managed hosting service providers; you can focus on operating your business without bothering about website management.

A user-friendly dashboard that lets you update, manage, and back up all of your WordPress installations is included with managed WordPress hosting, which takes care of the complete installation. Nothing needs to be configured in cPanel or Plesk. The majority of WordPress hosting configuration options are present.

Many benefits, few limitations

You may expect these from managed website hosting:

  • Extremely fast — managed WordPress hosting servers are set up to run WordPress without a hitch.
  • Complete security – with the strictest security that checks for malware and hackers, you can feel more at ease.
  • Professional assistance – unlike other web providers, managed WordPress hosting has a staff of professionals on-site that can give you advice regarding everything pertaining to your WordPress website.
  • Cloud technology: The best WordPress hosting companies rely on cutting-edge cloud technology to give unmatched availability and flexibility that can withstand all kinds of traffic spikes.
  • Simple backups – maintain the 24/7 content you produce in a secure environment.
  • Automatic updates — have you forgotten to update? It’s been completed already.
  • No more downtime — your website won’t slow down due to increased traffic.
  • Better user experience: People who manage several websites should significantly benefit from dashboards, interfaces, and control panels that are easy to use.
  • No backend hassles —
  • Managed WordPress hosting takes care of all the coding and clutter on the backend for you.

Managed Hosting Providers

Here are some managed WordPress hosting providers. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these.

  1. Bluehost
  2. SiteGround
  3. WP Engine
  4. HostGator
  5. DreamPress

Good luck!