Signs of a hacked WordPress site

How do you know that your WordPress site has been hacked? One or more of these signs could exist:

Unable to login

To prevent you from logging into your website, hackers will occasionally delete WordPress users or alter passwords. You may try resetting your password if you forget it, but if you can’t, this may a hint that your site has been hacked. A little bit more investigation may help.

Your site has changed

Hackers may change many things, like:

  1. You see a blank page.
  2. Your main page has been replaced with a static page by hacker.
  3. You have some spam links in footer.
  4. Your pages and blog posts have some content that you didn’t add.

Your site is redirecting

Hackers occasionally add scripts to websites that send visitors elsewhere or create new windows with websites to which you are not connected.
When someone clicks on one of your links that have been replaced by hackers, they may be taken to a different website.

Browser warnings

Your browser could issue a warning if a site is compromised. You could take into account the browser’s recommendations along with the warning.
Please check to see whether your SSL certificate has run out of time before doing anything else.

Search Engine warnings

When you search for your website, Google might present a warning. It occurs if Google is unable to crawl your website using the sitemap. It is advised to undergo a thorough scan because there may be other causes.